Simple and complex surgery

We are able to perform a wide range of surgical procedures in our purpose-built theatre.

Who does surgery at Elwood Vet?

All the vets do surgery at Elwood. However, Craig has a love of and extensive experience with complex surgeries, so he does most of the orthopaedic procedures and complicated soft tissue surgeries (eg open chest surgery and liver/gallbladder surgery).

We usually refer pets who need spinal surgery to a specialist.

Soft tissue surgery

This is essentially any surgery that doesn't involve bones. It includes:

  • spay (female desexing) 
  • castration (male desexing)
  • gastrointestinal foreign body removal
  • surgical biopsy
  • tumour removal
  • wound repair/stitch ups

Orthopaedic surgery

This is all surgery involving bones and joints. It includes:

  • fracture repairs (eg limb, pelvis, jaw)
  • cruciate surgery
  • patella surgery
  • elbow dysplasia surgery
  • hip dysplasia surgery
  • limb straightening 
  • amputations

Emergency surgery

Unlike most general practices, several of the vets at Elwood have many years of experience working in emergency centres and are happy to perform procedures such as bloat surgery and trauma surgery. 

Dental surgery

Dental surgery includes general cleaning and polishing as well as tooth extraction. While cleaning and polishing isn't really 'surgery', it comes under this heading because it's done under a general anaesthetic with full surgical monitoring.