Although Deb spends a lot of time at the various skate parks of Melbourne, it's not because she's practising her ollies. We suspect that it's not even because her three super cool boys Jake, Kye and Raph are into skating, it's all about carving out a few minutes to find a spot of sunshine and immerse herself in a good book. 

Deb started waging a war on waste long before Craig Reucassel. So much is her dedication to the cause that she once carried a large bag of cabbage offcuts on the train so she could put them in someone else's worm farm. Not sure the other passengers were impressed by the fart-like wafting, but you've got to admire her spirit.

We also have Deb's talented husband Jason (of Finch Design) to thank for our renovations.

The obligatory vet stuff

Deborah Clift graduated from Melbourne Uni vet school in 1994. She worked around Melbourne for a while then headed off overseas, eventually owning her own practice in Hong Kong.

Returning to Melbourne with a family in tow, Deb started working at the Southern Animal Emergency Centre (where she met Raquel). Enjoying the pace of emergency work, Deb ended up working at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, where she still does some (crazy) shifts.

Deb is particularly handy with the endoscope and has retrieved more foreign bodies out of dogs than you can poke a stick insect at.

Deborah's consulting times

Deborah consults 8am – 4pm Monday, Thursday and Friday as well as some Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.