Not prone to excitement or acting on impulse, Raquel surprised everyone with her enthusiasm for buying Elwood Vet. But this was her chance to create something special and bring together her odd collection of secret passions (good design, minimalism, radical transparency, medical education).

After completing an executive master of arts in 2012, Raquel became a freelance medical writer and information designer. She writes educational activities and guidelines for doctors (yes human doctors) and creates websites (like this one). She also like drawing.

The obligatory vet stuff

Raquel graduated from University of Queensland in 1996 and soon after headed off to the UK. There she worked for 6 years and developed a taste for emergency medicine (despite the 24 hour shifts!) Combining love of learning and travel, Raquel managed to complete multiple post grad studies across the UK and other European countries in internal medicine, cytology, radiology, ultrasound and cardiology. She was admitted as a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in emergency medicine and critical care in 2005.