Prescription medication

In most cases, when your pet needs a prescription medication (eg antibiotics, pain killers) we can dispense it from our in-house pharmacy. There will be times when medication needs to be specially ordered or from a veterinary compounding pharmacy (eg chemotherapy drugs, drugs not in general production). 

Repeat prescription request

We do offer repeat prescriptions for longer term treatments. To be eligible for this, your pet needs to be registered at Elwood Vet, have been seen by one of our vets within the past 6 months and have a valid prescription recorded in their medical notes.

You can either call us with a repeat prescription request or fill in the form below. Please allow at least 24 hours for medication to be dispensed. If medication needs to be special ordered, it may take several days for the prescription to be filled. So don't wait until you've run out!!


Your name *
Your name
Your pet's name *
Your pet's name
Use the name listed on your prescription (pets will often be listed under different last names)

Over the counter

To keep our reception area clean, calm and uncluttered we have chosen not to have lots of products on display.

We do stock a select range of over the counter medications including:

  • flea, worm, heartworm and tick products
  • probiotics
  • ear cleaners
  • medicated shampoos and conditioners